Temple | Of the Dragon fire

Temple of the dragon fire
Imagine it’s the 24 of June, the summer has just started. Let’s celebrate this with a temple that is hot and still with a lot of depth. 
In Taoist philosophy of creation, two primal symbols play a central role: the all-encompassing circle and the Dragon. The Dragon is often depicted in abstraction as an infinite, straight line. It is from these two abstractions – a circle and a line – that reality has emerged.
Freedom versus limitation

So we now have two symbols, each of which cannot shape creation on its own and which seem philosophically incompatible: a circle that envelops everything – the abstraction of limitation – and a Dragon or line that cannot be enveloped – the abstraction of freedom. If this impasse had been maintained, nothing could ever have arisen. Then there would have been no reality, only a Great Void and somewhere beyond it the abstraction of freedom.
There is reality anyhow and we are going to celebrate this. It is due to the sexual energy that creation can shape itself. We are going to create a beautiful evening. This Temple is about surrendering to the hot sexual energy that is in all of us. Do you dare to step in?

Theme: Dragon Fire
For whom: Singles and couples
Dress code: Sexy for in the temple. 
Walk-in: 6.30 pm
Start: 6.45 pm
Closing: Around 00:30 we will start with the closing ceremony
Contribution: early bird € 66 normal bird € 77 and late bird € 88. Ex VAT. 
Prices includes snacks and 0.0 drinks
Language: Is in English, unless everyone speaks Dutch
Want to stay over? Ask for options and pricing
If you have any questions, please send us an email to
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