This short guide is to help you navigate in the temple space before and during the Ecstatic Temple party. 
It will help you to make informed choices with integration of head, heart, the belly, and sex. When we move into these temple spaces our nervous systems and energy can get so excited that we sometimes get in -so called- altered states. 
This tool can help you make informed decisions that are not only from your heart or sex, but a full integrated body YES! Also, it helps making things clear and we don’t move into the muddy spaces of the unknown. That can cause unclarity and in some cases harm. 
The team of Ecstatic Temple encourages people to explore and play in connection with others and we also want to educate you about new ways of relating to other human beings. 
With this tool you are invited to step into a new way of making clear and meaningful connections with others. We know this can feel scary or uncomfortable for a lot of people. 
During the party there will be plenty of support as well, to help navigate everyone in clear and safe connections.

How to use?

The P.A.R.T.Y. tool is a tool for relating and communicating. It is a tool for you to use before the Ecstatic Temple party and to use during the party if you are stepping into connection with others. Beforehand you will use it to make relationship agreements with your partner(s), if you have one. It doesn’t matter if your partner will be at the party or not in both cases we will strongly advise to sit and have a chat with them and discuss which agreements you feel both safe and comfortable with. Whatever the outcome is, doesn’t matter. This is for helping you and your partner(s). 
When you don’t have a partner, you will reflect on this with yourself or if you go with friends, this will be an amazing opportunity as well to practice this together and it also helps navigating through the party. You can be each other’s support there as well! Further we encourage everyone to use this tool when encountering in connections with others. Before stepping into the juiciness or the intimacy and following the arousal. 
Pause, take a deep breath, and take a moment to connect in words before stepping into the waters!

P.A.R.T.Y.  T O O L

❥ Prepare. Before the party prepare yourself and your partner(s). Tuning in and checking in (also if your single) what is my intention for this evening? What are my personal and relational boundaries? Check this or yourself and your love(s). And remind /keep checking in with each other during the party.

❥ Ask. When in the space you feel attracted to someone, ask before you do anything. I would like…. Or do you want …. with me. Just ask and not just jump in/on to people.

❥ Relationship agreements. After asking start with a little check in. Do you need to check in with a partner or bring a relationship in while further continuing in this connection with someone?

❥ Testing. We want to normalize talking about and taking responsibility for sexual health and safety. If there are any limitations, because you haven’t been tested recently or any other issue, please discuss this, bring this into the field of the connection. Taking responsibility for your sexual health and others is mature behavior in having sexual connections.

❥ Your boundaries & desires. Also bring in your boundaries, what are your no’s, what do you desire but also need when a connection is over? Discuss as well do we want to stay in this connection between the 2,3,4 etc. of us or are we okay with others joining halfway in this connection. Expressing what you don’t want and do want is sexy as f*ck!


Consent is a big theme nowadays in society and can bring up a lot. This tool is not for doing it ‘perfect’ or a check list you need to ‘tick off’. It is for making the unknown known and bringing relationships to a next and deeper level. We work with Eros and sexual energy and those energies are beautiful but can also feel intense and tender to step into. Making clarity can make the body feel more relaxed and comfortable to drop even more into the beauty of Eros. Besides that, it can also open up the body. Even reading this document can feel tender or bring up questions or maybe even triggers. If this is the case for you know that you can reach out to the facilitators team and book a session to get more confidence and feel more relaxed and safer. If something will occur during the party know that there is an amazing support team, there for you! 
Please reach out to us, we are here for you!

Have a nice party.

With love,

Team Ecstatic Temple the party