Sexual Kung Fu

Kung Fu can roughly be translated as "high skill, great concentration or dedication". Sexual energy is the main source of vitality we have. Essentially, sexual energy is the source of every action and even every feeling and thought you have. When the sexual masculine energy comes together with the sexual feminine energy, something magical might happens. The universe creates new forms. One of the most awesome creative powers is the birth of new life. Sexual energy feeds your life drive, but also your creativity, health and consciousness. 

Everything you create with your body, soul and mind uses sexual energy as fuel. And you can generate, direct and store that energy in your body. Managing sexual energy, sexual kung fu, is a Taoist approach to sexuality, where we explore the potential of sexual power and learn to use it consciously, with the ultimate goal of developing consciousness. In men, this process is also called "taming the wild horse", in women "overcome the red dragon." This is not about suppressing or taming sexual energy, but about finding ways to get to know this potential life force so well and use it so that we become masters of our sexuality and of our lives.

Thanks to training sexual kung fu, not only your orgasmic abilities increase, but also your body awareness, your feeling awareness, your self-confidence and your ability to really connect with another from your heart. Your intuition develops and you become more and more sensitive to your own limits and those of the other person, so that you treat yourself and others more respectfully. Energetic hygiene is an important theme when it comes to transformational sexuality: having sex without crossing your own or other people's boundaries, without ignoring or suppressing certain feelings, experiencing intimacy with deep respect for yourself, your own vulnerability and that of the other person.

Facilitators: Mano & Manon
For whom: Everybody, except women who are pregnant
Exercises: You practice only with yourself, no nudity 
Dress code: Comfortable clothes, no jeans 
Workshop is with clothes on
Walk-in: 7.00 pm 
Start: 7:15 pm
End: around 10 pm
Contribution: early bird €55,- and normal bird 66,- including VAT
We serve water and tea
Max 12 people 
If you have any questions, send us an email to

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