The Intimate Dinner | Ibiza

When you arrive your hosts will welcome you with an open heart. You will receive a blessing to open up your taste buds and your heart. Next you will be guided in a Sexual King Fu workshop by our beautiful hosts Mano and Manon, while the tantalizing smells of food tickle your fantasies of what's to come.
The intimate dinners will be inspired by Tao, Tantra and Temple arts.  
Sexual kung fu

“Sexual Kung Fu is about finding ways to get to know this potential life force so well and use it so that we become masters of our sexuality and of our lives. This workshop is about one of the most profound parts from the TAO wisdom. It’s a fully clothed workshop that you do with yourself alone. Although it's fully clothed, you are invited at some point, to make love with yourself under a blanket. For some people it can be a challenge to be in a room with other people, making love with themselves.“  This workshop is about one of the most profound parts from the TAO wisdom. You will learn a way to transform sexual energy into vitality, medicine, consciousness and wisdom. This so we become masters of our sexuality and of our lives. Everything you create with your body, soul and mind uses sexual energy as fuel. And you can generate, direct and store that energy in your body. In this workshop we explain the essence of the Tao. You learn a very powerful meditation, so you can live your life almost stress free. Together with the sexual kung fu exercise, you can transform your life in ways you never expected. 
Thanks to training sexual kung fu, not only your orgasmic abilities increase, but also your body awareness, your feeling awareness, your self-confidence and your ability to really connect with another from your heart increases. Your intuition develops and you become more and more sensitive to your own limits and those of the other person. 
"Mastering your sexual energy, is mastering your life.”

The dinner

After a short break prepare to offer your blessing to the food and get ready to receive. For the food ritual expect the unexpected and be open to be surprised as dinner as you know it is deconstructed and prepared and presented in unimaginable ways. You will be taken on a journey out of the mind and into your senses. 

Facilitators Chefs 
Josi and Sjoerd combine their love for food and humans with their background as chefs and tantric / shamanic facilitators, pouring it into their food creations. Their mission is to increase the flow of love and to reconnect people to their Human Nature.
@universalcoachingnl @travelin.freedom
Hosts Mano and Manon host temple evenings, conscious parties and breath circles in the Netherlands and retreats on Ibiza. Manon also works as a dearmoring and breath coach. Mano is tao and tantra coach.

All info
Facilitators: Mano & Manon
Food facilitators: Josi & Sjoerd
For whom: Everybody, except women who are pregnant

Dresscode: Comfortable clothes, no jeans 

Walk-in: 02:00 pm 

Start: 03:00 pm

End: around 10:00 pm
We serve: water and tea
Tickets: early bird € 77,- normal bird € 88,-, late bird € 99,- (includes 21% VAT)
For:  No (tantric) experience required. Just bring an open, curious mind.

Food: Expect organic, mostly local, plant-based food. Water and tea is also provided. 

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