Ibiza retreat | Falling deeper in Love

Partners in Magic & Ecstatic Temple presents: "Falling deeper in love"
“Let Eros lead your love life”

One of the most profound moments in life is feeling deeply connected to yourself or loved one. Surrender in the present moment. Feeling peace, tranquility and grounded. Meeting yourself with new eyes, overflowing with love and curiosity! Or restoring that old connection that has faded away a little. You will be connected through presence and meet the oneness in yourself and the others. 
“Start the summer of 2024 with falling deeper in love”

Imagine you step into this wonderful luxurious property with an modern finca with rooms around the pool, in the north of Ibiza, and meet these beautiful other people. Denise, Manon and Mano will welcome you and are ready to retreat all your senses. Denise, Mano and Manon are best friends and love eachother deeply. They all work in the field of tantra, tao and authentic liberation and are coaches within their own special field. They created a unique retreat, so you can enjoy, play, learn, feel, heal, laugh, cry, wonder and be in ecstasy with yourself and others. 
“Transform your relation into divine love”
This retreat is for singles, couples, trio's you name it, who want:
* More depth in themselves and their relationships
* Practical tips and tools how to uplift their love life
* To retreat themselves with just five or seven days of quality time with like minded
* To restore energy 
* To uplevel your capacity of pleasure together
* To ad more tantric and tao dept into their lives
The level of this retreat is for all people. It's for those who want to deepen the relation with their inner landscape world. You can do all exercises alone or with a partner or your partner. There is also room to switch among each other if they are open to it.
So only if you haven't done anything with tantra yet, we recommend that you book a tantra temple or private session with Denise or Mano or Manon. Please fill in the form, by clicking here.

08.00 Early morning program is based on yoga, meditation and TAO
09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Morning program with deep sharing cirkel and deepening the day theme
13.00 Lunch 
14.00 You are free to flow your way. Some days it's possible to join a hike led by Mano
20.30 Evening program with in-depth tao & tantra

23.00 Bedtime

Start: Monday, June 24, arrival at the villa after 12.00
End 5 day retreat: Saturday morning, June 29, checking out at 11.00
End 5 + staying 2 extra nights: Monday morning, July 1, checking out at 11.00

Maximum 24 people
The language of instruction is english unless everyone speaks dutch
There are 12 bedrooms with two separate beds 
Alcohol and drugs are not allowed 

Tickets 5 day retreat
Early bird  € 999,- (incl. 21% VAT) per person.
Normal bird € 1149,- (incl. 21% VAT) per person.
Late bird € 1299,- (incl. 21% VAT) per person.
Stay one or two more extra days is possible

If you want to stay one or two more extra days, you can reserve a bed for € 125,- per night per person.

Price includes

❥ all program components
❥ 5 nights
❥ breakfast and lunch and two dinners together at the villa
❥ drinks water, coffee and thee
❥ cleaning
❥ linen/towels

Price excludes
❥ travel and transport costs from NL to Ibiza and airport to villa
❥ advice is to rent a car by yourself or with other participants if you want to explore the island in the afternoon

“Manifest the world you dream of”

With love,

Denise & Manon & Mano

Meet Manon Manon is a trauma release breath work coach and bodyworker specialized in de-armouring of the body. For the last 15 years she studied Intuitive Development |NLP Practitioner & Master |Reiki | Meditation & Spiritual Relationships with Jan Geurtz |TCC Transpersonal Coaching | Shivananda Yoga | Yin and Vinyasa Yoga| Pralaya Yoga | Transformative Yoga in India |the International School of Temple Arts ISTA level 1 and 2 | Transformational Breath with Mr. Breath | Body Remembers Trauma Therapy & Trauma Release Breathwork | Activated Woman by Sofia Sundari |Bridgeman Academy "In to me I See" | Chakra Activation | Basic Shamanism || Practitioner de-armouring at The Gaia Method | TAO ``Pearl Consciousness" mystery school with Reinoud Eleveld | The Initiatress Training. Mano & Manon are a couple and together they facilitate temples, breathwork circles and sexual Kung Fu workshops. Manon is also available for 1:1 breath work and de-armouring sessions on Ibiza and Amsterdam.
Manon Snoek on Instagram and Ecstatic Temple

Meet Mano Mano has walked a path where he was mainly touched by the Buddhist and Tantric philosophy of life. That means that for him sitting still and doing nothing (meditation) is the most powerful practice of all the exercises he has ever experienced. In addition, the tantric and TAO way is a very nice addition to enter the inner landscape through the body according to Mano. Mano has studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam / Gestalt (psychology) education and training / Dzogchen Buddhism from Jan Geurtz / International school of temple arts (ISTA) / TAO training (Chinese mystery school about energy) from Reinoud Eleveld.
He mainly works as a transformative coach, using tantra and tao for bodywork. Before all this he had a company in healthcare with over 100 locations. He sold his company a year ago. Mano is als a conscious creator and entrepreneur.
Mano Leon on Instagram and Ecstatic Temple

Meet Denise Denise works as a tantric coach, creative organizer and facilitator in the realm of Sex, Love & Relationships, her mission is to empower people to feel deeply connected, highly alive & liberated in expressing authentically. She graduated at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (Vita method by Layla Martin), graduate at the ‘trauma training for tantra professionals’ and did the ISTA training (International School of Temple Arts). For the past ten years she has experience and worked at sex-positive events. This has given her a profound embodiment of being able to create safe spaces for people to grow, to play, to connect, to explore and to go deep. Denise loves to work through the portal of sexuality, because what you heal there will affect your whole life.
Together with Lexmy as ‘Partners in Magic’, she organizes & facilitates events like Tantric Temples, Tantra Retreats, Tantra Festivals & Naked Ecstatic Dance. 
Denise Kooij on Instagram and Partners in Magic
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