Raise your frequency | Breathcircle & Protocol

Are you all right? Great, then this evening is for you. In the west, most tend to work on themselves when things go bad. But precisely then you actually have too little energy to easily develop your consciousness. So our advice, do maintenance and work on yourself when things are going well. Everyone has traumas, shadow pieces or untapped energy potential.
We host this every month to change on the deepest level. You will further discover what is still in the way of living and enjoying from a higher frequency. The evening starts with exploring and sharing this in the group. That alone is powerful. Telling others what you want to change in your life really helps. Energy follows intention.
After this sharing and deepening of your theme, Mano will lead a ceremony based on protocol work by Altazar Rossiter. Pronouncing these words and repeating them by the group, initiates a process of change on a deep energetic level.
After this, Manon will guide the group during a connected breathing circle. Now everyone sinks even deeper into surrender and the energy system receives a strong stimulation to accelerate the initiated change. In total surrender, the body can make those changes on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level that suit your soul path.

19:00 Walk-in
19:15 Start exploring theme
20:15 Break
20:30 Protocol
21:00 Breath circle
22:00 Final round
22:15 End

Manon Snoek &
Mano Leon
When: 16 th of March 2023
Where: Baron G.A. Tindalplein 189
Price: early bird tickets € 49,- and normal bird € 59,-. Number of participants max 12

Language Dutch or English depending on the participants

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