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Welcome to Ecstatic Temple Amsterdam - True Heart - 
In Taoïsme the heart chakra area is where our capability to connect, to love and to be conscious comes from. In this temple night we honor this capacity and go for deep intimacy, authentic connection and growth of consciousness. The difference between making connection with an open or closed heart, is profound. Knowing how to feel the difference and knowing how to open your heart, can make big changes in your life.
You will receive the address when you buy a ticket. It's in the east of Amsterdam.
Theme: Temple | True Heart
Dress code: Sexy for in the temple. 
Walk-in: 6.30 pm
Start: 6.45 pm
Ending: Around 00:00 we will start the closing ceremony, 00.30 leaving the temple
Contribution: early bird € 66 normal bird € 77 and late bird € 88. Ex VAT. 
Prices includes bites and 0.0 drinks
Language: Is in English, unless everyone speaks Dutch
If you have any questions, please send us an email to

Who are the founders?

Meet Mano
Mano has walked a path where he was mainly touched by the Buddhist and Tantric philosophy of life. That means that for him sitting still and doing nothing (meditation) is the most powerful practice of all the exercises he has ever experienced. In addition, the tantric and TAO way is a very nice addition to enter the inner landscape through the body according to Mano. 
Mano has studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam / Gestalt (psychology) education and training / Dzogchen Buddhism from Jan Geurtz / International school of temple arts ( ISTA) / TAO training (Chinese mystery school about energy) from Reinoud Eleveld. 
He mainly works as a transformative coach, using tantra and tao for bodywork. Before all this he had a company in healthcare with over 100 locations. He sold his company a year ago. Mano is als a conscious creator and entrepreneur.

Meet Manon
Manon is a trauma release breath work coach and bodyworker specialized in de-armouring of the body. For the last 15 years she studied Intuitive Development |NLP Practitioner & Master |Reiki | Meditation & Spiritual Relationships with Jan Geurtz |TCC Transpersonal Coaching | Shivananda Yoga | Yin and Vinyasa Yoga| Pralaya Yoga | Transformative Yoga in India |the International School of Temple Arts ISTA level 1 and 2 | Transformational Breath with Mr. Breath | Body Remembers Trauma Therapy & Trauma Release Breathwork | Activated Woman by Sofia Sundari |Bridgeman Academy "In to me I See" | Chakra Activation | Basic Shamanism || Practitioner de-armouring at The Gaia Method | TAO "Pearl Consciousness" mystery school with Reinoud Eleveld. Mano & Manon are a couple and together they facilitate temples and breathworkcircles. Manon is also available for 1:1 breath work and de-armouring sessions on Ibiza and Amsterdam.

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